Home Since 1995, we have been designing our constructions for the most part as 3D-models, from which we then derive 2D-technical drawings. The 3D-models enable us to optimize the whole design process. E.g. collisions can be recognized at once; and the finite element method allows us to evaluate design elements with regard to their dimensioning; the position of the center of gravity and the points of inertia can be recognized.

The 3D-models can be used for rapid prototyping or for CAD/CAM-applications.

With our CAD integrated CAM-solution and the use of 3D-volume elements or elemental surfaces, we can offer 3-axes milling-processes at low costs.  

We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to develop 3D-designs for production of models and prototypes, which can be tested for functionality.  

technical consulting
lean engineering design
technical patent analysis
rapid prototyping
plastic technology
fastening technology